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Welcome to Surface Specialists of Denver

At Surface Specialists we are guided by a simple philosophy: Provide quality bathtub repair and refinishing products and services to our customers in a prompt, professional manner. During our 40+ years of professional refinshing experience, we have developed and refined our process to be the finest available anywhere. It is our passion and our trademark.

Over the years, Surface Specialists has expanded our bathroom and kitchen refinishing and repair services for tubs, sinks and countertops to include acrylic tubliner and wall installation, converting tubs to whirlpools, turning existing bathtubs into safety or handicap accessible walk in showers. 

Bathtub Refinishing vs Tub Replacement

Tub refinishing will save you about 75 percent of replacement cost as well as the headache of construction and being without your tub for multiple days. Refinishing takes anywhere from two to four hours depending on your tub and is ready to use the next day. We offer a six or ten year warranty on our refinishes where new tubs only come with a one year warranty. Our refinishing process not only makes your tub beautiful but it makes the dreaded cleaning process a breeze. We understand if you would like to replace your tub instead of refinishing but keep in mind the cheaper the price of the tub the lower quality of tub you are getting which can lead to refinishing within the year or two since the finish on the tub will not be the best quality and will weaken quickly.

As for tile refinishing vs replacement, tile refinishing is great because it saves you the demo work and dust, we understand people don't want just a plain color for their tile and that is why we offer our multi spec colors which gives the tile a great dimensional look and is beautiful with newly refinished tub. Tile refinishing is a 3 to 5 hour job and you can use the shower/tub the next day!

Why Choose Surface Specialists?

    - Surface Specialists is family owned & operated
    - We have been working with satisfied customers for over 40 years
    - With our flawless tub prepping steps and our quality acrylic polyurethane paint our refinishes can last               anywhere between 15 and 20+ years
    - We strive to be different than our competitors by not nickel and diming our customers for minor chip                 repair and non slip bottoms. Our finishes can be slick and we would rather our customers have peace of             mind about their safety as well as their families and not have to pay extra for it
    - We offer a 6 or 10 year satisfaction warranty on all of our services
    - We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service & guarantee timely turnarounds
    - Refinishing is our passion! We look forward to making you our next satisfied customer

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April and Nick Roos with their daughter McKinley and son Theodore. To learn more about why we decided this industry and our values click on our 'About us' tab 

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